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Automating openssl req with a config file

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The other day I was trying to generate a Certificate Signing Request using the openssl command . The openssl command supports a lot of commands, and if you are like me, you always have difficulty remembering them.

req, x509 and ca commands from openssl support providing options using an INI-style configuration file. The config file option is useful when running openssl commands in batch mode. The batch mode operation saves time when you are trying to automate a series of steps using bash, one of which involves using the opnessl command to generate a CSR or sign a certificate.

Let us suppose you want to generate a CSR for your server. You use a command like so:

You will then enter an interactive mode where you will need to enter details like Country, Organization Unit etc.

To automate this, you can create a INI-style config file csr.conf.

You can then generate your CSR like so: openssl req -nodes -config csr.conf -out